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Good Morning Gjallarhorn: The Inaugural Episode

Climbing The Pocket’s newest Vlog offering is Good Morning Gjallarhorn

Climbing The Pocket’s video blog Good Morning Gjallarhorn
Good Morning Gjallarhorn
Logo by David Stefano

Good morning Gjallarhorn! [Or afternoon/evening if that may be the case.]

The Daily Norseman’s friends of the show content has expanded over at Climbing The Pocket with their addition of a new video blog called Good Morning Gjallarhorn. We wanted to share with you all the vision that Drew Bunting and I had for the show. We were hoping to start out with a once a week show that will encompass a little bit of news on the Vikings front along with a little bit of levity and keep it to about a 15 to 20 minute broadcast. We hope that you’ll start your day off well with it.

Our primary goal was to make this a video blog, more than just a podcast. As Drew put it, this is “different and much cooler pod experience” compared to just the normal audio pod. The video version has hit the Climbing The Pocket YouTube channel this morning. From now on, both audio and video versions should release almost simultaneously with the video being the primary way to enjoy the show, and the podcast when you are on the go and can’t watch.

Our goal is to enhance your experience through the use of visuals. Some of them may be the charts and graphs that you’ve seen me post here, and some of them may be clips from game film or other sources. We hope to incorporate more of this and interact with you. Things scheduled for the future will include interviews with hopefully some key players in the business, being on the player side or in the Vikings blogosphere with people that you read daily. We would also like you to join in a question-and-answer period with your questions. As a bonus, there may be some scattered thoughts put forth by CTP staff, including Drew and I between the shows. It is all there for you.

So please watch this kick-ass video [the best way to take it all in] and tell us, me and Drew, what you think. Skol!

In this episode,

David and Drew discuss:

  • Anthony Barr’s contract situation
  • New kickoff rule
  • Pronunciation of Gjallarhorn
  • Karl Hubenthal and the original Vikings uniform design

Episode 01 notes.

  1. Karl Hubenthal in the original Vikings uniform design.

Written by Paul Lucas of

  1. The word Gjallarhorn.

Enjoy and Skol!