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James Jones names Randy Moss best wide receiver of the last 25 years

It’s a bit of an upset

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When discussions of the best wide receivers in NFL history come up, the name of Randy Moss is often mentioned, but it’s often placed behind the man that most consider the greatest of all time, Jerry Rice. Well, one former NFL wide receiver has placed Moss at the top of his list ahead of Rice.

Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver James Jones, on a recent episode of the Dave Dameshek Program, named Moss as the best wide receiver in the NFL over the last quarter century.

Jones, who was on the episode of the program with another former NFL receiver, Reggie Wayne, pointed out that there’s an expression today about getting “Mossed.” He says that he hears it when he goes to elementary schools, but I’m not sure about that. . .I don’t think a lot of kids that are in elementary school today would be terribly familiar with Moss’ body of work.

Jones rounds out his list with Larry Fitzgerald at #3, Terrell Owens at #4, and Antonio Brown at #5. Wayne, on the other hand, goes the more conventional route, putting Rice at #1 and Moss at #2. His list includes Marvin Harrison at #3, Fitzgerald at #4, and Owens at #5.

Honestly, when it comes to a discussion of Rice and Moss, there isn’t a wrong answer. Rice obviously has the statistical edge in. . .well, everything. . .but Moss changed the game from the moment he was drafted and is on the short list of the greatest pure athletes to ever play the position.

I know that Minnesota Vikings fans would probably lean towards Moss if asked, but it’s a bit of a surprise. . .at least, it is to me. . .to see someone outside of the purple bubble put Moss on the list ahead of Rice.