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Colin Cowherd apparently confused about his feelings on the Vikings

Contradicting statements about how they’ll be in 2018

Super Bowl XL - ESPN Set - January 30, 2006 Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

I don’t listen to sports talk radio nearly as much as I used to. Before the advent of satellite radio, my first order of business every time we moved to a new location was to find the local sports talk station and what shows they ran on a daily basis, but with the advent of satellite radio, it’s not that high a priority. As such, my exposure to Colin Cowherd following his move to FOX Sports from ESPN has largely been limited to social media.

From what I see on the Twitter machine and other places, it appears that Cowherd really isn’t completely sure how the Minnesota Vikings are going to do in 2018. Witness this clip from just after the Vikings signed quarterback Kirk Cousins.

So, as you can see, the date on that was 13 March, and Cowherd declared that the NFC North was going to belong to the Minnesota Vikings for the foreseeable future.

Based on this clip from his show today, the “foreseeable future” was approximately four months.

Yes, after declaring that the NFC North was the “Minnesota Vikings’ division” back in mid-March, Cowherd is now picking the Green Bay Packers to win the NFC North for the same reason that various other outlets are doing so: because Aaron Rodgers exists.

I understand that the nature of sports talk radio and television is to get people talking, and I guess in that sense Cowherd has been successful here. But, man. . .declaring the Vikings’ ownership of the NFC North over before the 2018 season has even kicked off seems a little bit strange to me.