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NFL Network Predicts Minnesota Vikings Record

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Minicamp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-training camp predictions and hot takes are rolling in fast as we gear up for the start of the football season, and James Jones and Maurice Jones-Drew of the NFL Network have a fire take for the record of the Minnesota Vikings.

Jones and Jones-Drew say that the 13-3 Vikings will be 11-5 this season. Yes, you read that right. They have the first game against the San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garoppolo. The reason? “Jimmy hasn’t lost yet.” Okay. And the second game against the Green Bay Packers will be a loss as well because of the return of the glorious Aaron Rodgers.

The next five games against the Buffalo Bills, LA Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, and the New York Jets are wins. I do agree with this. Building off the success Minnesota had last year this stretch is realistic. The loss to the New Orleans Saints is a stretch, but they haven’t forgot the Minneapolis Miracle and they will want payback. It will be a fight, but the I feel the Vikings will win.

They predict a win against the Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears but a loss and sweep against Green Bay. We’re not getting swept by Green Bay. As for the rest of the season, the NFL network host say Minnesota will lose to the Patriots but close out the season with wins.

The Eagles beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl proves that the Patriots are not invincible. If the Vikings can use this defense they did all last season, they will get the win.

The Vikings will not be 11-5 this season. There is way too much talent on this team for them to fall that far from grace. But as we all know nothing is definite and games can be won in the last seconds when you’re down by one point. My prediction? None of this matters except the Super Bowl, homeboy.