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Anthony Barr launches new initiative to help single parents

The new fund will help with emergency expenses

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

The Raise the Barr Foundation, the foundation headed up by Minnesota Vikings’ linebacker Anthony Barr, has been helping single parents since its inception a couple of years ago. This week, Barr added a new initiative to the program with a specific purpose.

The Raise the Barr Emergency Grant Fund for Single Parent Undergraduates will, as the name implies, provide money for emergency expenses that might arise and, potentially, prevent single parents from continuing their education.

According to the story from writer Lindsey Young:

Research has shown that unexpected events – such as a car breaking down or a childcare worker getting sick – can cause enough of a financial obstacle to prevent single parents from continuing their post-secondary education. Raise the Barr Emergency Fund grants will help students address these unexpected expenses and stay in school.

Barr was raised by a single parent for most of his youth, so this is obviously a cause that is very near and dear to his heart. His foundation was already providing scholarships and tuition assistance to single parents in California and Minnesota that are attempting to continue their education to improve things for themselves and their children, and this is just one more thing that he’s doing to make sure that those parents can continue pursuing their goals.

Kudos to Anthony Barr on continuing to expand the assistance his foundation provides.