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What is the best Vikings game you’ve ever attended?

We’ve got questions, and we hope you’ve got answers

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings
If it wasn’t this one, which one was it?
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If you follow us on the FaceBooks or on the Twitters, you know that recently we’ve started asking a “Social Media Question of the Day.” Since we don’t want to leave any of our fellow Minnesota Vikings fans out of the fun, we’ll start moving some of them over here as well. After all, we’re almost to the start of camp, and if it kills us we will drag ourselves across the finish line.

So, here’s one of the questions we posed:

What is the greatest Minnesota Vikings game you’ve ever attended, whether it was in Minneapolis or somewhere else?

Now, quite a few people responded with last year’s playoff victory over the New Orleans Saints if they were fortunate enough to be there. But, we did get some other varied answers as well.

Frankly, I have limited experience to draw from for this one myself, as I’ve only ever been to four regular season Vikings games:

  1. This barnburner against the Cleveland Browns at the Metrodome in 1992. The Vikings, as a team, had less than 60 yards passing. It was ugly, but it was a Vikings victory.
  2. Road game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2002. Shaun Alexander scored about 23 touchdowns and the Vikings got crushed.
  3. Home game at the Metrodome against the Buffalo Bills in 2010. Wound up being the last game of Brett Favre’s starting streak and the last game before the roof caved in.
  4. Road game against the San Diego Chargers to start the 2011 season. The first game of the Donovan McNabb. . .ahem. . .”era.” The first half was great. The second half? Not really.

So, I guess I’d have to go with that Vikings/Bills game, but man. . .I need to find a way to get to more games.

How about you folks? What’s the greatest Vikings’ game you’ve ever been in attendance for?