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If you had to stick with one Vikings jersey, who would it be?

Any player, past or present.

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Why this picture? Why NOT this picture?
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We’ve been bringing some of the social media questions that we’ve been posting on Facebook and Twitter over the past couple of days over here to the main site, and with this week being all about mascots and jerseys across our SB Nation NFL blogs, this seems like an appropriate one to bring over.

The question is this:

If you were limited to just one Minnesota Vikings jersey, past or present, whose jersey would it be?

As you’d expect, we got a range of responses, but most of them tended to trend towards players that have already departed from Minnesota. Here’s a sampling of some of the responses that we got.

(As you’d expect, there were multiple Kleinsasser mentions.)

But which 93, Erik? WHICH ONE!?!?

(Yeah, I’m guessing he means John Randle, but really. . .Kevin Williams was no slouch, you know.)

A couple of current players did get some love, though.

So, what do you folks think? One Vikings jersey is all you get. . .which one are you going for?