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The Vikings led the league in Game Entertainment in 2017

And there are actual numbers to prove it!

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Unless you’re the kind of person that gets angry at people putting a jersey on a statue of a fictional character, it’s pretty difficult to deny that the Minnesota Vikings had an outstanding 2017 season. The fans most certainly were entertained, and now there are numbers to prove it.

According to the team’s official website, the Vikings led the National Football League in 2017 in “Game Entertainment.” They also finished second in Game Day Satisfaction.” Both of these figures come courtesy of the Voice of the Fan league-wide surveys that the league asks fans to fill out throughout the season.

The Vikings’ place in those standings represent an increase from 2016, the team’s first year in U.S. Bank Stadium. In 2016, the team finished third in Game Entertainment and seventh in Game Day Satisfaction.

Now, what do those two particular categories mean? To be honest, I’m not completely sure, and the article really doesn’t detail it too much. But, the big takeaway from this is that when fans have feedback about U.S. Bank Stadium, their comments are taken seriously by the team responsible for enhancing their experience.

“We read every single comment,” (Vikings’ Director of Entertainment Greg) Bostrom said. “I think when you look at our improvement from 2016, when there was the baked-in excitement, to this year where we had the impetus to stay strong, it’s that feedback that enabled us to improve and give the fans more of what they’re looking for when they attend a game.”

To this point, yours truly has not yet been to U.S. Bank Stadium, so I can’t speak to the experience myself. However, all of the feedback that I’ve heard from people, both here and in other places, has been nothing but positive. So, congratulations to the Vikings for making the NFL’s best stadium the NFL’s best stadium.