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Chad Greenway has blessed us with Gray Duck Vodka

Not to be confused with Grey Goose, obviously.

Penn State v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

If football has ever driven you to drink before. . .and if you’re reading this here, you’re probably a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, which almost certainly means that it has. . .now you can drown your sorrows in a new spirit brought to us by a former Vikings great.

Former Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway has introduced Gray Duck Vodka to the drinking world as of this past Thursday.

“When you want to have a good time, get the Duck out.” Nice.

Gray Duck Vodka is currently available at Total Wine and Spirits locations throughout the state of Minnesota. Outside of Minnesota, it is more commonly referred to as Grey Goose.**

Personally, though I don’t drink a lot, vodka is one of my spirits of choice when I do, so hopefully it will eventually be available to those of us that are outside of the state of Minnesota as well. If any of you have managed to get your hands on some, let us know what you think about it!

** - Yes, Gray Duck and Grey Goose are clearly not the same thing. The joke was there, though, so I went for it.