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Bort, Bort, Bort, Bort

The Jaguars’ quarterback was not very good against the Vikings’ defense in joint practices

_The Vikings began their first of two joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars..._

*Blake Bortles*

Jacksonville's quarterback Blake Bortles came to TCO looking fired up for the upcoming season. He didn't play well, and he looked particularly poor in redzone 11 versus 11 period. Bortles threw 5 interceptable balls, and Harrison Smith got his hands on two of them. The Vikings secondary made things hard for Bortles, but he made some poor decisions.

*Forbath vs. Carlson*

By now, the Vikings should have decided Daniel Carlson is the place kicker, and cut Forbath. On Tuesday they both kicked six field goals, and they both made all six. Wednesdays practiced both kickers were up and down. The Vikings will need to make a decision very soon as a courtesy to Forbath.

*The Trenches*

Admittedly, the Jaguars looked stout on both their offensive and defensive lines. The Jaguars offensive of line gave Bortles plenty of time(to make a bad throw/decision), and won most of their battles against the Vikings defensive line.

Their defensive line gave the Vikings offensive line a tough time. Calais Campbell is a massive human being, and showed his strength a few times against Riley Reiff.

*Mike Hughes is still very good*

No words are necessary...