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In this episode:

Question of the Day:

What are your thoughts on the Jalen Ramsey article?

Most accurate assessment?

Least accurate assessment?

How disappointed are you that Jalen was suspended for this week?

Jaguars Game Preview with Zach Goodall

What did Jalen do to get suspended?

What is he like to cover in general?

Why hasn’t the team traded for Teddy Bridgewater?

How does the fan base feel about Blake Bortles/Playoff Blake Bortles?

How does the fanbase feel about Leonard Fournette?

Who is the number one WR in Jacksonville?

Who are the under the radar players we should be looking for on Saturday?

Austin Seferian-Jenkins/Tyler Patmon/Surprise cut/trade block for the Jaguars

Dante Fowler

Jaguars record prediction – 10-6

Vikings Talk

Denver Game Recap –

JRFavorite performances on Offense

– Myles Favorite performances on Defense

– Myles

How much does this change your outlook on the OL?

Joint Practices