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Updated Minnesota Vikings 2019 Draft Selections

Following the Brett Jones trade

NFL: Minnesota Vikings-Training Camp Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Vikings’ General Manager Rick Spielman has once again decided to use some future draft capital in order to improve his team immediately. In this case, it was sending a seventh-round draft choice to the New York Giants in exchange for offensive lineman Brett Jones, which seems like a pittance for a guy that could seriously step in and make an impact right away.

With the Vikings parting with another draft choice, we wanted to take a quick look and see exactly which picks the purple now have at their disposal in the 2019 Selection Meeting. This list will include Compensatory Draft Choices, courtesy of the projections for 2019 from the folks at Over The Cap. Their projections for this sort of thing, year in and year out, are incredibly accurate, so that’s good enough for me.

Minnesota Vikings 2019 Draft Picks (as of 26 August)

  • First-round pick
  • Second-round pick
  • Third-round pick
  • Third-round pick (Compensatory for loss of Case Keenum)
  • Fourth-round pick
  • Fifth-round pick (Traded to Denver in exchange for Trevor Siemian)
  • Sixth-round pick
  • Sixth-round pick (Compensatory for loss of Teddy Bridgewater)
  • Seventh-round pick (Traded to New York in exchange for Brett Jones)
  • Seventh-round pick (Compensatory for “loss” of Tramaine Brock)
  • Seventh-round pick (Compensatory for loss of Shamar Stephen)

The maximum number of Compensatory picks that a team can receive is four, and based on OTC’s Cancellation Table, the Vikings will get the maximum allotment. So, even with the two picks that they’ve already traded away, it appears that they will still have nine selections in the 2019 NFL Draft. . .unless they move another pick between now and then, which is a possibility.