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Vikings’ Kirk Cousins turned down $90 million from the Jets

Cousins signed here for a measly $84 million.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Signing Kirk Cousins was the gem in the diamond ring of the Minnesota Vikings signings this offseason. We know that Cousins signed for $84 million dollars guaranteed for three years, but what we didn’t know is that the New York Jets were close to signing Cousins for $6 million more.

In the miniseries NFL Life - Kirk Cousins: The Path to Minnesota, Cousins goes into detail about his decision-making process for choosing the Vikings. And it turns out for him, although he has an unreal deal, money wasn’t a deal breaker. “As much as the overall dollars are important in a contract, I think in my situation structure is as important if not more important. We want the money to be guaranteed.”

Cousins’ agent Mike McCartney informs him of the $90 million dollar offer from the Jets and they discuss how they can use it as leverage for Minnesota. It was a good plan is the Vikings took the bait and gave Cousins an offer he couldn’t refuse. As to why he took a $6 million-dollar pay cut? “I feel good about going to the Vikings. Vikings are a great fit. He also goes onto to say that “The dream is to go to a place where we can win.”

Knowing that he turned down more money to come to Minnesota because he feels it is a “great fit” is a great thing. That means he wants to be here and respects what is being built. He could’ve taken the deal with the Jets and played collect the check football. Instead he came here to lead a team that he feels can go all the way. Having that type of commitment from your quarterback are the things that champions are made of and we are ready for it.