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Vikings’ Andrew Sendejo wants to “Make Football Violent Again”

You have to give it to him, the hat is brilliant.

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the introduction of the new tackling rule the NFL has laid out, players and coaches have let it be known that they don’t like it, as the rule is going to be confusing and will make tackling harder.

But no one has been more vocal about his displeasure of the new rule than the Minnesota Vikings own Andrew Sendejo.

Sendejo was wearing a hat that says, “Make Football Violent Again.” quoted him saying, “I got it from a buddy. He used to play here. So, I just wear it. It fits good and it’s black. I like it. It’s got a good message.” While the hat is new to the public, Sendejo said, “I’ve been wearing this for a while, but I guess it applies more now.”

The message on his hat should come as no surprise to Vikings fans since Sendejo is known as a hard hitter and for throwing his body around to make sure he gets his guy. He was even for suspended for his using his helmet to tackle Baltimore Ravens Mike Wallace, but Sendejo believes that he should not have been suspended for one game.

He later tweeted about a picture to a new alteration to make sure he is “always leading with the facemask.”

He was asked if he didn’t like the new rule and essentially “making football less violent” he simply stayed the obvious, “Correct.”