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Andrew Sendejo “Make Football Violent Again” gear available on Etsy

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Picture courtesy of Etsy

Yesterday, Sarita brought you the story of Minnesota Vikings safety Andrew Sendejo sporting a hat with the phrase “Make Football Violent Again” on it. A couple of folks in the comments (and, presumably, others elsewhere) were wondering where they could acquire such a thing.

Well, this morning we have our answer.

A shop on Etsy is, apparently, the supplier of the “Make Football Violent Again” gear, and they have a shop where you can readily purchase both hats and t-shirts with the verbiage on them.

The hats come in any number of color combinations (except, apparently, purple and gold), and the t-shirts come in both long and short-sleeved varieties. There’s even a hoodie version if that’s more your style. It appears that the t-shirts are actually cheaper than the hats are by about five dollars, if that figures into your thought process.

But, if you were wanting to get your hands on one of the same hats that Andrew Sendejo was wearing at practice yesterday, you can most certainly do that now.