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SotaStick Co honors Randy Moss on Hall of Fame induction day

He really is the GOAT

A lot of people like to throw around the acronym “G.O.A.T.” when it comes to things relating to sports, even to people or things that it clearly doesn’t apply to. However, when it comes to Minnesota Vikings great Randy Moss, it really is applicable, and our friends over at SotaStick Co. are honoring #84 on the day of his induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As Randy Moss really does belong in the conversation about the G.O.A.T., that’s how the SotaStick Co. folks have depicted him on the shirt, as you can see. . .as an actual goat. The goat also has a rather large afro, because why not, right?

If you’ve ever gotten products from SotaStick Co. before, you know that they’re always of the highest quality, and it’s all produced right in the state of Minnesota by fans of Minnesota sports.

So, if you’d like to get your hands on a shirt to honor the G.O.A.T., feel free to head on over to SotaStick Co. and pick one up now!