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Caribou Coffee launches limited edition “Skol Vikings Blend”

Not bitter. Well, not TOO bitter, hopefully.

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If you find yourself in the sizeable intersection of the Venn Diagram of “Minnesota Vikings fans” and “people that can’t function in the morning until they have their coffee,” then the folks from Caribou Coffee have something that you’ll want to get your hands on.

The Minnesota-based coffee franchise has launched a new “Vikings Blend” of coffee that you can use in your home coffee maker, according to the team’s official website.

“Caribou is proud to be the Official Coffee of the Minnesota Vikings, and we couldn’t be more excited to launch Vikings Blend,” said Jenifer Hagness, VP of Marketing and Product Innovation. “With a combination of cinnamon, nutty and cherry notes, the blend is designed to fuel Vikings fans all season. SKOL!”

The blend is going to be available in grocery stores throughout the state of Minnesota, and should be available in a K-cup version by early September. For those of you out there, myself included, that don’t just have a Caribou Coffee store nearby, you can also order it from Caribou’s online store in a variety of sizes (up to one pound) and grinds.

A portion of the proceeds from sales of the coffee will be donated to the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. There isn’t anything that I can find anywhere that mentions how long this “limited edition” is going to be available for.

So, if you need your coffee fix in the morning and you love the Minnesota Vikings, here’s an opportunity for you to mix things up with a little something different to start your day.