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Ask Roughing The Podcast

Hey, we’re doing a show! No, really! So ask us questions!

For those of you that have been asking ‘hey, when are you guys going to do another show because it’s seemingly been forever’...well, it’s finally going to be this Wednesday! The wait is almost over!

For those of you that are like ‘who are you and why are you posting this’, now is your time to find out!

And for the vast majority of you who are thinking ‘wouldn’t listen to this on a dare’...give us a shot!

Anyway, for all of you, Di Murphy and I are back this Wednesday after an off-season hiatus, and we want to hear from you. We’re taking questions, so ask us what’s on your mind.

You’ve got a couple ways to do that. Just find me (@purplebuckeye), Di (@DiMurphyMN) or the show (@RoughThePodcast) on Twitter, and ask your question with the #AskRTP tag.

Or, ask your question below.

Either way, we’re excited to get the show rolling again, and we hope to hear from you. Thanks for listening!