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Anyone going to the Vikings game in Denver?

It’s almost game time!

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Good morning!

No, you didn’t stumble into one of my Open Threads by accident, I will be attending the Vikings game in Denver this Saturday. Unknown except to a few of you, my wife’s father had quadruple bypass surgery a few months ago in Colorado Springs. She’s been wanting to visit and check on him and his rehab progress.

I just happened to suggest this coming weekend a few months ago, and “since we’re there can we go see the Vikings play?” She was okay with it and will going to the game with me.

I started a Fanpost at Mile High Report Sunday morning asking the local fans for restaurant and travel recommendations. At the time I couldn’t think of anyone who might be local, but since then I’ve been informed that there are at least two DN’ers that are local, but as of posting this I don’t know if they are going to the game. If you’re local to Denver and are going to the game (even if you’re not going to the game) I will be looking for you to be our tour guide to local restaurants, travel to and from the game, etc.

But Rob, it’s a just a preseason game:

I know not only is it just a preseason game, but it’s the Vikings first preseason game. I have very low expectations of seeing the starters for any more than one or two series. I’ll be watching the entire game looking for standout plays from our rookies and bubble guys. I may or may not have a sign that says “Zylstra Mafia.”

DN meet up:

This is the second road Vikings game I’ve been to, the first was the Jacksonville game in 2016, between GA_Skol and I we were able to arrange a meet up prior to the game, I was able to meet him and his wife along with trueheartandpurplehead. It was great to meet them and be able to put a face to their sign-in names.

I am again proposing a DN meet up prior to the game. Right now the best location looks like the Broncos store as that is the most apparent location I can see on the stadium map, however I am amenable to altering the location to somewhere else in the stadium or prior to the game. Expect that my wife and I will be at the game early, I get over excited on Vikings game days and I’ll probably watch warmups prior to the game.


I added some suggestions I received either through Mile High Report, email or from you guys and gals in the comments section. I’ll add updates Saturday if/as needed. If anyone is has ideas or suggestions to make this a success put them in the comments section below, alternatively you can drop me an email, it’s in my profile.

Skol Vikings!