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Vikings Training Camp Gallery Part 1

Images from the inaugural Minnesota Vikings Training Camp at the TCO Performance Center in Eagan.

Thousands upon thousands of Minnesota Vikings fans have been fortunate enough to take in parts of the first Training Camp at the brand spanking new TCO Performance Center in Eagan. Unfortunately, many more haven’t been able to make it there yet. They haven’t seen any of the amazing new facilities or any of the action on the field that we have sorely missed for the past several months.

But FOMO no more, fellow Vikings fans. We have you covered.

Thanks to our intrepid photographer Thad Chesley, there are nearly 150 pictures in the gallery above providing you with action from all over the field. And the best part—this is only Part 1! We’ll have another gigantic gallery for you to scroll through later on this week.

Special thanks to Thad, who has captured camp for the past several years for us here at Daily Norseman. Although he still lives in Mankato, he was kind enough to make the trek north to provide his usual top-notch brand of photography. (We didn’t have to try too hard to convince him to check out the new digs at TCO.)

Stay tuned for much more from Eagan. There are still six days left of Training Camp and we’ll be there for just about all of it.