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Stefon Diggs, Xavier Rhodes held out of Wednesday afternoon practice

Because they made Coach Mike Zimmer “unhappy”

Thad Chesley

When word first came out that both wide receiver Stefon Diggs and cornerback Xavier Rhodes were nowhere to be seen at the Minnesota Vikings’ afternoon practice session on Wednesday (after being a part of the festivities for the morning session), speculation started all over social media as to why they were sitting out.

The reason? They appeared to have angered the head coach.

Rhodes and Diggs reportedly spent a lot of time jawing at each other during the morning session, so head coach Mike Zimmer apparently decided to give them the adult equivalent of a time out, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

“They did not make me happy,” coach Mike Zimmer said, confirming that it was his decision that both players did not practice. “It’s not injury related.”

. . .

Asked whether he thought the Diggs and Rhodes situation was an example of his team needing to play somebody else, Zimmer responded, “I guess so. Just undisciplined stuff.”

At least there wasn’t any sort of a serious fight between Diggs and Rhodes or anything like that. With the luck this team generally has, something bad would have happened to at least one of them (if not both).

If it is a case of the Vikings needing to hit someone other than the guys that they’ll be sharing a locker room with all season, then we’re in luck. . .the team has just one more day of practice left before they travel to Denver on Friday for Saturday’s preseason opener against the Denver Broncos.

Here’s hoping that, for the rest of camp, the good guys spend more time going after opponents than they do after each other.