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Have you ever had that one buddy...

Stefon Diggs and Xavier Rhodes have apparently been clashing in practice... and it’ll be OK

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Have you ever had that one buddy...

Who - when you were eight years old - kept taking all the good LEGO pieces, and leaving you with the ones the dog chewed on? And your mom called you both to come to the table for lunch, and she gave him the GOOD peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the one with the grape jelly? And you got the one with the chunky raspberry jelly that your aunt made three years ago that’s been sitting in the back of the fridge so long the label dried up and fell off when she grabbed it out? And you got the last glass of the watered down Kool-Aid from the day before, and your buddy got the glass of just-opened orange juice? And when you were done, you had to stay and clean the table while your mom - YOUR MOM!! - let your buddy stand there doing nothing while she told YOU what a nice kid he was, and made you wonder why she didn’t say that about YOU - the one cleaning the table? And you want to keep playing with your LEGO’s, but now all of a sudden HE’s bored with it, and picks up your G.I. Joe Battle Tank and Destro and starts attacking the fire truck you’re trying to build and you’re all “Knock it off! Destro isn’t even PART of G.I. Joe! He can’t drive the Battle Tank!” And he’s laughing the whole time, but your pain is real! And when he rides his bike up the street that night to go home, you hope he hits a rock and flips over his handlebars.

But he doesn’t flip over his handlebars. In fact, he gets home just fine. And the next morning he shows up at your house, walks in like he lives there, and asks “What’s up, buttface?” And you punch him in the crotch as he walks by to once again grab the G.I. Joe Battle Tank, and the two of you commence saving the world from the evil schemes of Destro and his commie comrades in C.O.B.R.A. And you suddenly can’t remember why you were so mad the day before. And after a while, you go to get a glass of orange juice out of the fridge, and there’s none left, so the two of you open every packet of Kool-Aid trying to come up with the awesome-est mix of flavors, and they all taste watered down, but neither of you care.

I suspect that’s what went on with Xavier Rhodes and Stefon Diggs in practice on Wednesday. I think Mike Zimmer told the boys to quit arguing about the LEGO’s and go to their rooms. And I think that on Thursday, the two will - at some point - give each other a hand slap and a wink and go about trying to one-up each other again. And Rhodes will call Diggs a name that probably shouldn’t be repeated after he prevents Diggs from catching a ball. And some time later, Diggs will catch a ball and sprint past Rhodes while wagging his tongue and saying something about Rhodes’ mother.

And they both won’t remember exactly what made them so mad, while they go about conquering the NFL.