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Vikings Stefon Diggs buys $15,000 Starbucks diamond chain

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Minnesota Vikings Stefon Diggs is obsessed with Starbucks. He often talks his love of the Seattle based coffee chain on his various social media accounts.

But this takes his love to a whole new level.

TMZ sports reports that Diggs contacted Al the Jeweler from Labelle Jewelry in New Jersey to create this insane 1,000 emeralds and VS diamonds. By the way— VS diamonds are of the highest grade clarity for diamonds, and it took about a month to finish.

It was told that Diggs wanted the chain because of his loves for Starbucks, but he also got the chain because, “like Starbucks, he’s open all day.”

And before everyone jumps on the he’s wasting his money train, this is small percentage of what Diggs is making under his new contract or the old one for that matter. And let’s be honest, if any one of us were making that kind of money there would absolutely be one, two, or more crazy purchases.

It is damn good to be Diggs.