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Around The NFL

Biggest Surprises and Takeaways from Week 1 around the NFL

Week 1 Prop Bets Review

Drake (75.5 total yards): JR – Over; Prince – Under (UNDER)

Zeke (91.5 rushing yards): JR- Over; Prince – Under (UNDER)

Brees (22.5 completions): Over (OVER)

OBJ (5.5 receptions) – Over (OVER)

Week 2 Prop Bets

Philip Rivers (275.5 passing yards): over

Tyreek Hill (77.5 receiving yards): over

Dalvin Cook (85.5 total yards): over

Vikings Talk

SF Game Recap

Key takeaways or concerns

Keys to Victory vs GB

Packers Game Preview with Peter Bukowski

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into the industry

*The Tweet*

Thoughts on your new GM

Depth WRs for GB and will any of them play?

Keys to victory for GB

Does Rodgers play this week and when did adrenaline become slang for narcotics?

Bold Prediction/Score Prediction

JR: Vikings 27-24; Mike Hughes pick for win

Myles: Vikings 30-13 ;3 INTs for Aaron Rodgers

Prince: Vikings 27-21; Sherels scores the game winning

Jayson: Vikings 24-22; Kirk Cousins outplays Rodgers

Recent/Upcoming Projects