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Vikings’ Adam Thielen and his wife Caitlin start the Thielen Foundation

The Thielen’s will be working with the University of Minnesota  Masonic Children’s Hospital.


Today Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen and his wife, Caitlin, announced that they would be starting the Thielen Foundation partnering with the University of Minnesota’s Masonic Children’s Hospital.

Fox 9 reports that Adam and Caitlin have launched the foundation as a way to give back to the community. “That first visit when you come in here and you see the smiles on the kids’ faces and these kids that have such tough circumstances and yet you’re putting a smile on their face, having fun with them and talking to them, hanging out, so that’s really why we’re here today,” said Adam.

The Thielen Foundation will focus on pediatric behavioral health and will strive to help children overcoming various adversities and create a support system for children and their families who are dealing with mental health issues. Adam and Caitlin will make visits to the Pediatric Behavioral Health areas at the U of M children’s center to encourage patients to achieve their best potential and participate in hospital events and giveaways. They will also have Thielen Foundation “branded recreation and comfort items.” Those will consist of journals that patients will write in to “help facilitate their path towards recovery, wellness and reaching their full potential.”

The Thielens will also be hosting different fundraisers and host various events to help raise money and help to create awareness for pediatric behavioral and mental health.