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Roughing The Podcast 53 could maybe make a field goal

Di and Ted are back discussing Packers, Bills, and questions

Di and Ted are back, and in this episode, they:

Say all there is to say when you tie your arch rival. We recap the game on both sides of the ball, AND special teams, and talk Brian O’Neill, Laquon Treadwell, and former Vikings kicker Daniel Carlson.

In Vikings news, we say hello to Dan Bailey, Tom Johnson, and Aldrick Robinson, and discuss expectations for all of them. And sadly, Di will no longer get to hang Stacey Coley over Ted’s head, because he was released.

Then we preview the Bills game, and words like ‘bad’, ‘preseason game’, and ‘lol Josh Allen’ were thrown around discussing Sunday’s matchup. Also, Vontae Davis retired at halftime this team is so bad.

Finally, we wrap up the show with the few remaining questions we didn’t hit during the other segments.

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