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Good Morning Gjallarhon - Rub It In

Good Morning Gjallarhon episode 017 - Rub It In - Post game wrap and a Look at the Buffalo Bills game

Good Morning Gjallarhorn Episode 017 – Rub It In

Good morning Horners! Dave here, along with Ted Glover, @purplebuckeye, and Drew Bunting with the happenings this week in Minnesota Vikings-land.

We have the preview of the Buffalo Bills game and Ted and Drew don’t think it will be the massacre it looks like on paper that it will be, and should be. I vote for a Vikings lopsided victory, but why are they hesitant?

Coming off the tie with the Green Bay Packers, the low points of Daniel Carlson’s kicking, and his ultimate job performance resulting in the hiring of the second most accurate kicker in NFL history, Dan Bailey. Ted especially, has his opinions on kickers, and he and I go at it on the root causes. There were other moments where we touched on the highs and lows of other player performances like all three wide receivers, Adam Thielen, Stefon Diggs and of course LaQuon “Tree stump” Treadwell. Oh, and there were performances by Dalvin Cook, Kyle Rudolph and Sheldon Richardson that made it too. Then it was onto the Buffalo Bills and their attempts at competent football so far this season. Ted is really looking forward to seeing Josh Rosen implode on Sunday, and frankly, so are Drew and I.

Plus, you have got to check out friend of the show that I referenced, Realistic Randy quick rants this weeks! Pure awesomeness!

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As always, enjoy the watch!