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Good Morning Gjallarhorn – In The Raw – The Massacre

Good Morning Gjallarhorn Ep 018 – In The Raw – The Massacre (postgame reaction)

Good morning Horners! We gather here this morning, following the game after the 27-6 defeat handed to the Minnesota Vikings by the Buffalo Bills. This one felt eerily like what was supposed to be a simple mission to go out and easily win. I’m sure that Lt. Col. George A. Custer felt pretty much the same way when he left Fort Abraham Lincoln in July of 1874. Not diminishing what happened in the Dakotas, so many years ago, because that was all too tragically real, whereas this is just a game. It just happens to be one where we invest ourselves as fans, just to witness what turned out to be a massacre of our hopes of a decisive and easy win.

The Vikings lost by 21 points in a game they were favored in by as much as 17 points. This video is the result. Drew and I got together after the game, while Ted was enjoying New York City with his wife on their way to a vacation of a lifetime. Good for him to miss the failure of execution on the US Bank turf. Drew and I will bring you the gaudy details. This goes from an opening rant to acceptance. Just like Vikings fans everywhere, this was a tough one, but there are some laughs in the end. We need that after watching Josh Allen look like the “second coming of Joe Montana.”

The purplebuckeye visits New York
Ted Glover soaking up New York City
Ted Glover

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As always, enjoy the watch!