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It’s all fun and games until someone loses a finger

Or a finger tip, in this case

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

If you were watching the Minnesota Vikings’ 38-31 loss to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football, you probably noticed that there were a couple of times where tight end David Morgan had to serve as the Vikings’ long snapper in place of Kevin McDermott. We’ve seen Morgan handle those duties before, as he did so last season in Green Bay when McDermott suffered what would up being a season-ending injury.

As it turns out, McDermott had to sit out for a while because he lost the tip of one of his fingers.

Let me repeat that. . .dude had the tip of one of his fingers ripped off. And it wasn’t enough to keep him out for the whole game!

I’m not totally sure whose face mask McDermott got his finger caught in. But it would appear that it occurred on Dan Bailey’s 37-yard field goal in the second quarter that made it a 10-7 Vikings lead. McDermott was the long snapper for that play, but when the Vikings scored a touchdown on their next possession to make it 17-14, Morgan was snapping to Matt Wile, and Morgan snapped to Wile so that he could punt the ball away on the Vikings’ next series.

After that, however, McDermott was back out there again, and handled the snapping duties for the rest of the game.

Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but on Thursday night Kevin McDermott left part of his finger in Southern California.