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Non-Vikings NFL Week 4 Open Thread

No Vikings does not mean no football

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

It’s Sunday, and the Minnesota Vikings have already taken part in their fourth game of the 2018 NFL season. For fans of the Minnesota Vikings that are simply interested in watching football, that can only mean one thing.

Yes, for the first time this season, it’s a RED ZONE SUNDAY for fans of the purple.

There are plenty of other NFL games, and if you have the Red Zone Channel on your cable or satellite provider, you know that it’s truly the best way to take it all in.

Here’s a full listing of the games that will be happening today.

Early Games on CBS

Early Games on FOX

Late Games on FOX

Late Games on CBS

The Sunday Night Football matchup for this week highlights the AFC North rivalry between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC, and the focus will be on the AFC West for Monday Night Football as the Denver Broncos will play host to the Kansas City Chiefs on ESPN.

That’s your Week 4 non-Vikings schedule, ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy your afternoon and evening of football!