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Robert Smith had some unscheduled dental work done by David Dixon

He shared the story on Twitter, or at least some of it

Robert Smith

Every once in a while, social media shows that it can (sometimes) be used for good rather than evil. One of those times came today during an exchange between former Minnesota Vikings running back Robert Smith and a fan.

The fan had expressed that he had “retired” his Robert Smith jersey some time ago, and was looking for one to replace it. He apparently settled on one from recent Vikings history with the selection of guard David Dixon. Smith, who the fan had tagged in his tweet, appreciated the choice, and then threw in something that I hadn’t previously been aware of.

In 1998, the Vikings won a squeaker over the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field by a final score of 31-28. (They even trailed 21-10 at halftime before running off 21 straight points in the second half to take the lead.) Smith had the touchdown that opened the scoring in that game, as he scored on a 67-yard screen pass in the first quarter to give the Vikings a 7-0 lead. I’m not sure if he and Dixon were celebrating that touchdown and got his teeth knocked out or if it was on another score. . .Smith doesn’t really specify.

I’ve got to say. . .if big ol’ David Dixon hit you in the face, the odds of you losing a couple of teeth would be pretty good. Robert Smith was no different, it appears.

It is nice to see a story on social media that you might not have been privy to before. I’m not sure if Smith has ever elaborated on this anywhere else, but this was the first time I had heard this story.