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Highlight Video: The Vikings’ last touchdown against every team

31 opponents, 31 touchdowns

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve featured the work of “funkydunkleman” here before, and with the Minnesota Vikings not producing any more highlights on the field for this season, we thought it would be fun to take a look back with this video.

This video features the last touchdown that the Minnesota Vikings have scored against each of the 31 other NFL teams. Since the Vikings only play certain AFC teams once every four years, some of these go back a bit, so you’ll get the opportunity to see some old friends.

Here’s the video, and we’ll catalog all of the touchdowns by year as well.





  • Oakland Raiders - Adrian Peterson 80-yard touchdown run
  • Kansas City Chiefs - Teddy Bridgewater 4-yard touchdown pass to Kyle Rudolph
  • Denver Broncos - Adrian Peterson 47-yard touchdown run
  • San Diego Chargers - Chad Greenway 91-yard interception return (and, yes, they were still the San Diego Chargers when this occurred)


Yeah. . .easy to forget that when the Vikings played the Colts in 2016, they scored zero touchdowns. Of course, I think we’ve all blocked that game out of our memories for the most part. They won’t have another opportunity to put a touchdown up against the Colts until the 2020 season, so that Ponder-to-Rudolph play will be on next year’s video, too, if Mr. Dunkleman does an update.

But, there is a full accounting of the most recent Minnesota Vikings touchdown against all 31 NFL teams. I hope you enjoyed the look back!