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Minnesota Vikings News and Links: January 15, 2019

It may be cold outside, but it’s warm in here. Come in, sit down, and share tips for the smoker, talk beer, share crock pot recipes, and there may even be a Vikings conversation.

1987 NFC Divisional Playoffs: Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers Photo by George Rose/Getty Images


What do you feel about the Kubiak hire, and will it help the offense?

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  • 23%
    Solid hire, he will help definitely Stefanski get the offense back on track.
    (140 votes)
  • 46%
    I like the hire, Kubiak has a good track record, and he should help the offense.
    (273 votes)
  • 19%
    I don’t know that it will make a difference.
    (117 votes)
  • 4%
    Not helpful, more overhead, it might even make the offense worse. Fire Rick.
    (29 votes)
  • 4%
    Horrible, fire Rick, fire everyone, including the ones they just hired. Hey, could you hold my pitchfork so I can throw this torch at something? Oh, hold my beer too, and DON’T SPILL IT!
    (27 votes)
586 votes total Vote Now

Merry Tuesday,everyone!

It’s fixin’ to get cold out there, highs around zero by the weekend here in Bismarck is what they’re saying, and if there’s one thing the weather folks usually get right, it’s predictions of cold and wind. Sounds like a good weekend for ice fishing.

Around the DN since our last open thread:

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Minneapolis miracle, Chris re-lived the moment. That was one amazing moment. Thinking about it, I can’t help but wonder what happened at halftime of that game. It sure seems like our offense completely fell apart at halftime, and has been in some sort of disarray ever since.

Gary Kubiak met with the Vikings yesterday, and according to Shefter, was hired by the team to be an offensive advisor, per Chris. It was apparently two-for-one day, as Kubiak’s son, Klint, is also re-joining the Vikings staff, and will serve as the team’s quarterback coach.

Vikings news from other sources and news from around the rest of the NFL: has more details on the Kubiak(s) hire(s), and Brian Pariani also joined the Vikings coaching staff as the team’s tight ends coach. Also, ESPN declared Adam Thielen as the NFC North Offensive MVP.

From, Maroon 5 will be playing during the Super Bowl halftime show. I have zero clue what a maroon 5 is, I think it’s one of the ingredients in Dr. Pepper or something. I’m not sure what it will be doing at halftime, but I also don’t care because I don’t watch the halftime circus, and I won’t be making an exception this year.

Kyler Murray has declared for the NFL Draft, per ESPN. This won’t affect the Vikings directly, but could potentially help the team by freeing up an offensive lineman if chosen before the Vikings’ pick in one of the first two rounds. Shefter is saying there is talk of the quarterback going in the first round, which would be surprising since he’s 5’9” (apparently some people think 5’9” is short or something, the nerve. Murray has already been drafted in the first round....of the MLB draft, by the Oakland A’s. Kid must have some talent, as is common for people in that 5’8” to 5’9” height range.

We come to today’s media selection:

I can’t really think of anything, so I’ll fall back on a go-to. Here’s some Thorogood, enjoy!

Again, we all know the rules, but in case someone is new:

  • No discussion of politics or religion
  • No feeding of the trolls
  • This isn’t a male version of The View, so leave the gender hatred at the door
  • Keep the bad language to a minimum (using the spoiler tags, if you must)
  • Speaking of which, if discussing a newer show or movie, please use spoiler tags
  • No pictures that could get someone fired or in serious trouble with their employer
  • If you can’t disagree in a civil manner, feel free to go away
  • While navigating the open thread, just assume it’s sarcasm

With that, the beer light is on and the bar is open. Belly up and tie one on. Don’t forget to tip your waitress, and try the head cheese.