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Views from the 612: Kubiak hire will only cause conflict

There are a lot of people who like this move, so I’ll play devil’s advocate and talk about how Kubiak will create more problems than he solves.

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

There’s a popular saying that sums up how I feel next season will go among the coaching staff after hiring former Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak as assistant head coach and offensive advisor.

“This town isn’t big enough for the two of us.”

There will be no medium to this hire. Either it will be great or fans can chalk it up as another, “what the hell?” season.

The hiring of Kubiak makes it seem like the front office doesn’t have much faith in Kevin Stefanski leading the offense next season. So does that mean he’s already on the hot seat?

To me, after working under offensive coordinators like Norv Turner, Pat Shurmur and even Bill Musgrave, Stefanski had to have learned quite a bit from those three coaches over the course of his 13-year NFL coaching career. Enough to make him fit to lead an offense.

Now, if Kubiak actually helps Stefanski instead of telling him what to do then Stefanski will benefit well from Kubiak. However, the one thing that worries me about this situation is how Kubiak was able to bring in his son, Klint, who will serve as the quarterbacks coach and Brian Pariani as tight ends coach. Oh by the way, his kid never has been a QB coach in the NFL, but did work with the Vikings earlier in his career. (I was wrong about him never being a QB coach, that was my fault y’all).

Why didn’t Stefanski get a say in who he wanted as QB or TE coach? Hell, there is even speculation that Kubiak will bring in an offensive line coach. Again, why is that Kubiak’s call and not Stefanski. It really seems to be shaping out to where Stefanski is going to be Kubiak’s puppet.

In my opinion, Minnesota is just going to have to many leaders in the room. That’s going to turn into a lot of arguments and testosterone being thrown around the office.

It makes me think of the way the coaching staff interacted within the Cleveland Browns organization with Hue Jackson. Jackson had altercations multiple times with his coaching staff. Like with offensive coordinator Todd Haley and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Since I’m a Vikings fan and I’m used to weird events happening within the organization I can see Stefanski getting into a bare knuckled boxing match with Kubiak and the two have a fight to the death to see who becomes OC.

That’s why Kubiak brought his mafia with him (his son and Pariani ) to help him in case Stefanski has him against the ropes.

In short, if I was Stefanski, I’d be worried. I’d even feel a little crappy about the situation and probably would start to question my own strengths as a coach, and wonder if the organization even trusts me as an OC.

I trust you Stef, I trust you...