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No overseas games for the Vikings in 2019

The five matchups were announced this morning

Pittsburgh Steelers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

When the home teams were announced for the NFL’s 2019 International Series a few weeks ago, we speculated about whether or not the Minnesota Vikings would be making another overseas trip. One of the teams on the Vikings’ 2019 road schedule, the Los Angeles Chargers, was set to serve as the “home” team for an International Series game in Mexico City, so there was at least a chance that the Vikings were going to be a part of it.

Well, on Monday the NFL announced the five matchups for the International Series, and the Vikings are not going to be a part of it this season. The Chargers’ game in Mexico City will see them taking on their division rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The dates for the International Series games have not been announced, but here are the matchups for the four London Games:

The NFL mandated that both of the Los Angeles teams host International Series games this year because of a delay in getting their new, shared stadium constructed. As for the Raiders, at this point nobody seems to be 100% sure where they’re playing any of their home games this season, and the Buccaneers and Jaguars both have strong London connections through their ownership.

So, if you were getting ready to get your passport stamped to go see the Vikings in 2019, you don’t have to worry about it for the time being.