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Eric Guest Hosting On The Zone Coverage Football Machine

Daily Norseman writer Eric Thompson was a guest host on this week’s Zone Coverage Football Machine.

With usual weekly hosts Arif Hasan and Luke Inman both down in Mobile, AL to cover the Senior Bowl, yours truly was a guest host on The Zone Coverage Football Machine on Wednesday night. I joined usual host Sam Ekstrom, Zone Coverage co-founder Tom Schreier, and fellow guest host Viking Corner’s Daniel House to discuss anything and everything football related. With the crazy conference championship games last Sunday, there was certainly no shortage of topics to cover.

Click here to listen to the first hour of the show, where we discussed:

  • The No-Call Heard ‘Round the World that allowed the Los Angeles Rams to defeat the New Orleans Saints and all of its ramifications. Should penalties be reviewable? Why did Drew Brees and the Saints offense fall off at the end of the year?
  • Arif called in from Mobile to discuss potential offensive line prospects that Vikings fans should familiarize themselves with. He also pointed out some of the players that impressed and some players that haven’t performed up to par throughout the first couple days in Alabama.
  • The Patriots machine keeps on rolling, this time at the expense of the Kansas City Chiefs. Does the NFL need to change their overtime rules, at least in the playoffs?

Click here to listen to the second hour of the program, which included:

  • Taking Twitter and call-in questions. There were a couple great comments and questions about all sorts of topics.
  • The significance of Tony Sparano to the Vikings, which moved into how Gary Kubiak might help the team in 2019.
  • A hypothetical “what if the Vikings drafted Aaron Donald instead of Anthony Barr?” round table.
  • A brief discussion of the Pro Bowl, which led to a trivia contest about the annual exhibition game. Spoiler alert: we didn’t do very well because nobody really remembers Pro Bowls! (But I did nail all of the 1998 Vikings Pro Bowlers after the game.)

Thanks again to the folks at Zone Coverage for having me sit in on the show. It’s always a pleasure to join the guys in studio to talk shop.