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2019 Pro Bowl Discussion

It doesn’t matter, but some of us will watch anyway

Minnesota Vikings v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

In about half an hour or so, the second-to-last game of the 2018-19 NFL season will be ready to get underway. Yes, it’s the game that everybody loves to hate, as the 2019 Pro Bowl will be coming your way live from soggy Orlando, Florida.

As we mentioned yesterday, this game will be shown on both ESPN and ABC, and there are four members of the Minnesota Vikings are going to be taking part. They are linebacker Anthony Barr (who may be playing his final game in a Vikings’ uniform. . .er, helmet. . .today), defensive end Danielle Hunter, safety Harrison Smith, and wide receiver Adam Thielen.

This thread is here for the folks that want to discuss the Pro Bowl to discuss it. Please don’t come in here with the “I don’t care about the Pro Bowl” schtick, because I don’t care that you don’t care. It’s football, and in a little more than a week we won’t have any football, so if folks want to watch it and talk about how the various players from our favorite team are doing, please let them do so.

Enjoy the game, everybody!