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Daily Norseman FanPulse: Season’s back on again, I guess

What goes down must come up

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at New York Giants Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Following the pattern that we’ve seen over the early portion of the season, a big win for the Minnesota Vikings has restored the faith for some of our fans, though not nearly as much as one would probably like.

Yes, the results of our Week 6 FanPulse poll are in, and once again the team has gotten a bounce after a victory. Confidence is still relatively low, however.

After their 28-10 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday at MetLife Stadium, the Vikings now have a whopping 43% of our poll participants confident in the direction of the team. That’s nearly four times as much as the previous week, when the confidence level was all the way down at 11%.

That figure puts the Vikings in third in the NFC North. Both the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers have the confidence of 87% of their fan base to tie them for the top spot. The Chicago Bears, on the other hand, are just below the Vikings at 42%. That’ll happen when your team flies 5,000+ miles to lose to a team that the Vikings beat by three scores.

Our national question of the week was who everyone thinks is the early season MVP in the NFL, and the results are a bit of a surprise.

Carolina Panthers’ running back Christian McCaffrey got the nod by a pretty significant margin. As someone that drafted him in his work fantasy league this year, I can’t disagree with this assessment. #NobodyCaresAboutYourFantasyTeam

That’s a look at the FanPulse results for this week, folks. I like a good pattern as much as the next person, but breaking this pattern next week sure would be nice so I don’t have to talk about how we’ve bottomed out again.