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Climbing the Pocket Network - At the Round Table - Ep 001

Tick tock, let’s go! The Climbing The Pocket Network hosts gathered for their first ever Round Table to talk Minnesota Vikings.

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Tick tock, let’s go! The Climbing The Pocket Network hosts gathered for their first ever Round Table. Woot! They discussed your beloved Minnesota Vikings from all their different points of view and styles. You have Jayson Brown from the original Climbing The Pocket football podcast as host, Eric Eager [of PFF] and Nick Olsen from The Pocket Protectors Podcast, Flipmazzi from Fifteen Minutes with Flipmazzi, Ed Brodmarkle from The Skoldiers podcast, and David Stefano from Good Morning Gjallarhorn adding insight and producing.

The show opens with hosts describing Kirk Cousins’ play of the last few games. It literally has been historic in the terms of production and QB rating. Words like “MVP, Confident,” and “Ballin’!” were bandied about. Listen to the arguments for such high praise. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Then a controversial subject was brought up. Would the Vikings be better off hiring Kevin Stefanski as head coach and let Mike Zimmer go? If the Vikings, and especially the offense continues having great success for the rest of the season, do you think the relatively young OC will be wooed to go be a head coach for some failing team firing their present one? What teams could those be? What could influence Stefanski to stay? Is it to early to be talking about this? Let’s just continue the success please!

Minnesota Vikings v Detroit Lions
Kevin Stefanski calling a very good offensive game against Detroit continuing a third straight week of winning.
Photo by Jorge Lemus/NurPhoto via Getty Images

We hope you enjoy this type of formatted show. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for discussion in future Round Table shows. Have a great week, and as always, GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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