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‘Truth to all rumors’

The Vikings feel like they’re on the brink only four games in to the season

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

After a 16-6 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday, WR Stefon Diggs left before talking to reporters, and didn’t speak to the media until today.

Today, he said a lot.

Basically, the rumors about Diggs being unhappy are true. They really ramped up yesterday when he was not at practice for reasons that were not injury related. Earlier this morning, Ian Rapoport led off today’s episode of ‘As The Vikings Turn’ with this tweet:

Then later Diggs met with the local press. Grab some popcorn, because we got some humdingers for quotes. To start off, he is happy being in Minnesota but is obviously not happy with the way the offense has performed:

He has NOT asked to be traded, though:

About his status for Sunday:

He’s said he has had conversations with ‘everybody’ about his frustrations:

How has that turned out?

So, do you guys want to hear my theory on all this? And let me state, just so everyone is 100% crystal clear, this is only MY opinion. I have no information from anyone inside the organization, or tied to the organization. I’m just trying to put pieces of this sad clown face of a puzzle together.

We good? Good. Here goes:

Diggs (and Adam Thielen, for that matter) stand to make a lot of extra money in contract incentives based on how they perform on the field. How much?

So his bank account is directly tied to how well the quarterback plays and how much he gets the ball. Right now, if you project his current stats into 16 games, it comes out to 52 catches for 836 yards, numbers well short of his contract incentives. Meanwhile, the guy who plays a pretty big role in determining whether or not those contract incentives are met is getting a guaranteed contract, whether he plays well or not.

Look, take the money away for a second, because that always clouds opinions because ‘millionaires playing a kid’s game’ blah blah blah. Let’s tie this to your job, for example. Say you had to meet a certain goal, and that goal is sales, contacts, cases filed...whatever your noble line of work is. The more you accomplish, the more you get paid. If you get to a certain level, you get a nice, fat bonus. You’d work your ass off to try and get that bonus if you could, or at least most people would. But now say your goals and that bonus were dependent on someone—they had to provide you some critical piece of information that allowed you to do your job, and they make more than you. No matter how poorly they do their job, they still get paid, and if they suck, you don’t get paid.

Now, if the Vikings were winning, I don’t think this would be a big enough deal to complain like Diggs is complaining. But the Vikings aren’t winning, and the offense looks like a jumbled mess in their two losses.

Anyway, four games in and the Vikings are now dealing with some drama the likes we haven’t seen in awhile. Winning cures a lot of what ails you, so a nice win Sunday to get back on track is really needed in a lot of ways.

Stay tuned to see how it all turns out.