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Daily Norseman FanPulse: People are strange

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When they vote in the FanPulse polls

Minnesota Vikings vs. Washington Redskins
Not these people. These people aren’t strange. As far as I know, anyway.
John Autey / MediaNews Group / St. Paul Pioneer Press via Getty Images

We’ve gotten the results of our FanPulse poll for this week, and fans of the Minnesota Vikings gave us a bit of a surprise this week.

Despite a fourth consecutive victory for the purple on a short week, the level of confidence that fans have in the team actually took a bit of a dip.

Yes, after 78% of our respondents expressed confidence in the Vikings after they beat the Detroit Lions in Week 7, that number dropped to 74% after their defeat of the Washington Redskins this past week on Thursday Night Football.

Honestly, this seems strange to me. I know a lot of folks were expecting a blowout and didn’t get one, but in the National Football League a win is a win. Just one man’s opinion, anyway.

Our national question this week, asked across all of the SB Nation NFL fan bases, asked which event fans expected first: A loss for the New England Patriots or a victory for the Miami Dolphins.

Right around two-thirds of the people that responded said that they expect the Patriots to lose before the Dolphins get a victory. I guess that means that everyone is fully confident that Miami is going to go 0-16. Would be quite the bookend to their undefeated championship season of 1972. I wonder what Mercury Morris and the guys would drink to celebrate that.

There are your FanPulse results for this week, folks. Hopefully fans of the Vikings will be more satisfied with a victory in Week 9 than they apparently were with the victory in Week 8. I hope we get to find out.