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Daily Norseman FanPulse: Season’s Over (again)

And the confidence level hits a ridiculous new low!

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

For the second time in four weeks, the Minnesota Vikings’ 2019 NFL season has already come to an end. At least, that’s what the latest results from our FanPulse polls tell us.

Yes, after the 16-6 loss to the Chicago Bears last Sunday, the polls were opened, and the bottom completely dropped out. How bad was it? Well, here’s the picture:

That’s right. . .it damn near doesn’t fit on the graph. Of all the people that responded to the poll this week, just 13% said that they were confident in the direction of the team. That’s an even lower figure than we saw after the Week 17 loss last season. That number was a lofty 22%.

I think that, if a lot of people were being honest with themselves, they would admit that they had the Vikings at 2-2 after the first four games of the season. I can understand the frustration, but come on. This is kind of sad.

However, that 13% is not the lowest among the SB Nation family of NFL blogs! No, there are three fan bases that have even less confidence than Vikings fans do. Who are they?

New York Jets (12%) - They’re on their third-string quarterback and have a starter whose spleen could explode if you look at him sideways

Atlanta Falcons (8%) - You know, the team the Vikings thumped in Week 1?

And last, but not least, the Washington Redskins, who I believe are the first team in FanPulse history to receive the following score:

So we’ve got that going for us. . .which is nice.

The national question this week was “Which replacement quarterback would you take?” Here are the results.

The winner was the man that the Vikings will get an up-close look at on Sunday, Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones. He was closely followed by Jaguars’ quarterback Gardner Minshew. Teddy Bridgewater came in third, with almost all of his votes coming exclusively from Vikings fans.*

That’s the FanPulse poll for this week, folks. The figure for the Vikings can’t get much lower next week. Or can it?

* - This may or may not be true. But it’s probably true.