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Vikings vs Giants - The GMG Preview Show - Ep 066

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn guys get together to preview the game in MetLife Stadium, the Minnesota Vikings travel to play the New York Giants.

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Vikings vs Giants… Good morning Horners! Oh, what a week we’ve had as fans! The GMG gang sat down to discuss it, from the reasons why Kirk Cousins prefers to throw the 4 yard check down to CJ Ham over launching it to an open receiver downfield, to one of the said receivers, Stefon Diggs starting to get his diva on. Ted explained that in pretty much a sane matter [he wrote about it too] and asked you, how would you feel?

Mike Zimmer leads the squad into Metlife Stadium in New Jersey to play the NY Giants this week in what should be a crucial game to the organization. “Crucial for game 5” you ask? Yes, because of the hot and cold play of the team starting out 2-2. The record isn’t terrible, nor is it not recoverable, but it is how the Vikings played on the road that needs to change if the team wants to make a run into the playoffs at the end of the season. Dalvin Cook should figure in prominently in Sunday’s plans with how the G-Men play the run. They have a tendency to over pursue leading to wide open cutback lanes. Big Blue also has a pretty outstanding young RB themselves in Saquon Barkley who will test the run stopping ability of the Vikings defense if he does actually play but is still recovering from an ankle injury. That vaunted Minnesota defense will also go against the hottest rookie QB of the year, Danny Jones, better known as “Danny Dimes.” He has led the Giants to two consecutive victories in the last two weeks keeping them in play for the NFC East title if they keep it up. The Vikes will try to insure that doesn’t happen.

Drew releases another round of his patented trivia, Vikings vs Giants style and Ted is outstanding answering as usual, only needing Dave’s help once. LOL. Don Glover would be proud. Vikings vs Giants… Even though the records are the same, the Vikings are a much better team on paper. The question is, will they show it?

We hope you’re ready for a great Sunday and as always, GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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