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It appears that the Vikings are going with “Color Rush” uniforms against Washington

For just the second time

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

When the Minnesota Vikings host the Washington Redskins on Thursday Night Football in Week 8, it appears that they’re going to be going with a look that we’ve only seen once before.

Based on the above video from the Vikings’ official Twitter account, it certainly appears that the Vikings will be wearing their “Color Rush” uniforms for the prime time contest.

The NFL introduced the “Color Rush” concept uniforms for all 32 teams in 2016, and each team wore them once that season. Unless my memory is failing me, I believe that’s the only time that the Vikings have utilized those uniforms.

The game that saw the Vikings wear those uniforms came against the Dallas Cowboys at U.S. Bank Stadium on a Thursday night in 2016. The Vikings wound up losing that game, 17-15, after the Vikings were unable to convert on a 2-point conversion at the end of the game.

Important to note that this will be Mike Zimmer’s first game coaching the Vikings with these uniforms. In that contest against Dallas, the Vikings were coached by special teams coach Mike Priefer, as that was in the midst of the eye issues that Zimmer was dealing with that entire season. Zimmer missed that game after one of his many surgeries on the eye.

So, what do you think, folks? Do you like the “Color Rush” uniforms? Because whether you like them or not, it appears that you’re going to get them. No word on whether or not Washington will be following suit.