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Vikings injury report for Friday

Short, sweet, and to the point

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Save for one player, the Minnesota Vikings are remarkably healthy at the halfway point of the season.

But that one player is a pretty important part of the offense. The Vikings final injury report for Sunday’s game against Kansas City is as follows:

Adam Thielen: Questionable

Again...that’s it. That’s the injury report.

Mike Zimmer, Resident Psychic, has weighed in Thielen’s status!


If you remember, Thielen tweaked his hamstring on a routinely remarkable 25 yard touchdown pass from the NFC Offensive Player Of The Month in the Lions game a couple weeks ago. At the time, neither Thielen nor the team thought it was too serious, but he was held out of the Redskins game anyway.

Zimmer also said that they’ll have Thielen try out his hamstring Sunday before the game, and then make a determination on his status. The wide receiver has been practicing with the team this week, he says he’s getting better, the team said he’s improving, so between you, me, and everyone else on the Internet, if I had to wager I would bet he plays on Sunday.

But we won’t know officially until Sunday morning.