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Vikings vs Cowboys - GMG Preview Show

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn crew breaks down keys to the game as the Minnesota Vikings travel to play the Dallas Cowboys.

Vikings vs Cowboys… Good morning Horners! Your Minnesota Vikings crave to Arlington Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys in prime time, under the lights, on turf and in a climate control stadium [Jerry’s World].Here at the Daily Norseman, the Climbing The Pocket Network morning show, Good Morning Gjallarhorn with Ted Glover, Drew Bunting, and David Stefano present your game preview show.

We start the show addressing the the mental makeup of the Vikes. We all hear about winning on the road, winning against good teams, winning in prime time, and how all of them have been challenging to this team, and especially to Kirk Cousins. Here is a chance to bust those stereotypes. Can the purple do it? The road the playoffs gets a lot tougher if they don’t.

Keys to game will include how many yards that Ezekiel Elliott can be limited to vs how many total Dalvin Cook can produce per Drew. That requires the Vikings defense to get turnovers and winning the turnover balance. Pressure on Dak Prescott and against the rush will be a necessity. The defensive backfield including Xavier Rhodes and Trae Waynes [if he plays at all due to injury] will have to be on their game because Dak has already thrown 8 interceptions this season. If they are not, expect to see Mike Hughes and Holton Hill put in early to replace them.

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
Limiting Ezekiel Elliott to a bad day will be one of the focuses for the Vikings to come out on top in this important NFC prime time game.
Photo by Tom Dahlin/Getty Images

Drew has his latest trivia challenge, Vikings vs Cowboys edition, where we take a trip down history’s lane. Starting with the push off, because why not, and ending with the Vikings winning the last 2 games. This is fun and laughs abound on this one. How well do you do answering the questions?

We hope you have a great Sunday full of good friends, better food, awesome beverages and a Vikings win. GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

You can follow GMG hosts Dave at @Luft_Krigare and Ted at @purplebuckeye. Unfortunately, Drew is behind the power curve and doesn’t have a Twitter handle… yet.