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Vikings vs Broncos - Climbing The Pocket Network Round Table

A group of your Daily Norseman CTPN hosts and writer got together to discuss the heart pounding, nerve wracking win that was the Vikings over the Broncos.

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Denver Broncos v Minnesota Vikings
Kyle Rudolph celebrates the come from behind win where the Vikings roared back after being 20 points down in the first half. Thumbs up now going into the bye.
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Tick tock, let’s go! The Climbing The Pocket Network and Daily Norseman personalities recorded after your Minnesota Vikings defeated, in one of their biggest comebacks, the Denver Broncos. Four of our broadcasters and one of our writers got together to talk about the game. It was a stressful one testing our hearts and in some cases our livers. BJ Reiddell from CTPN’s newest show, ”Unbelievable”, referred to have seeing his Fitbit watch showing his heartbeat at almost an exercise speed. Was it the same for you?

Dave, from Good Morning Gjallarhorn noticed that there were a lot of Broncos jersey is in the stands at U.S. Bank Stadium and wondered why? Theories of it being hunting season, or a perceived weak opponent were possible answers. Well, they made noise, especially in the first half where the Broncos went up 20 to 0 and the Vikings looked uninspired to say the least.

Then there was the second half, and the Vikings came out on fire! Whether it was coach Zimmer making some pretty radical adjustments, motivating the players in the locker room, or some players them selves, like Stefon Diggs, oh, what a difference! After all the drives in the first half ended up in punts or turnovers, every single one in the second half ended up in a score. This sort of come back, the facing of adversity, builds confidence in the team and its fans going into the rest the season.

The Denver Broncos played at the Minnesota Vikings
Stefon Diggs showing the team how it’s done on the field, in the locker room, and on the sideline. He help motivate his teammates in a very visible and vocal way.
Photo by Carlos Gonzalez/Star Tribune via Getty Images

A couple other points brought up were about QB sneaks and DBs seemingly aging before our eyes. Hopefully those issues will be resolved over the bye week. Speaking of the bye week, what are your plans for this weekend? Holiday preparations, red zone channel, get that deer you missed last weekend? Whatever they are we hope they are good ones.

We hope you enjoy this type of formatted show. Dave, BJ, Flip from “15 Minutes with Flipmazzi”, Myles Gorham from “Climbing The Pocket” and Matt Fries, one of our fantastic writers appreciate you taking in the show. Please feel free to ask questions and suggest topics for discussion in future Round Table shows here or on Twitter. Have a great victory celebrating bye week, and as always be safe, and GO VIKINGS!

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As always, enjoy the watch and listen!

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