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A Vikings legend celebrates a milestone

Happy birthday to the original 84

Balimore Colts’ Bobby Boyd (40) & Minnesota Vikings Gene Washington

We had to mourn the loss of one of the all time Vikings greats earlier this week, so let’s end it on a positive note while we celebrate another legend.

Former wide receiver Gene Washington, member of the Michigan State Football Hall of Fame, College Football Hall of Fame, member of the 1969 NFL Championship team, and one of the 50 All Time Greatest Vikings, celebrates his 75th birthday today!

Washington had a stellar career with the Vikings, but his story goes much deeper than football. He was at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement by helping develop the famous Michigan State ‘Underground Railroad’ that brought talented African American players from the segregated South to East Lansing, and helped them win back to back national championships in 1965 and 1966...which is one and a half more than Michigan has won in that time BOOYA!

He was one of three first round picks by the Vikings in 1967, along with MSU teammate Clint Jones and Notre Dame DT Alan Page. Washington led the team in receiving from 1968-1970, was a two time Pro Bowl selection in 1969 and 1970, and was named first team All Pro in 1969.

So, help Gene celebrate a great milestone by wishing him a happy birthday in the comments. And for those of you old enough to remember his playing days (I was too young), share a story if you’d like.

Happy birthday, Mr. Washington. All of us at The Daily Norseman hope you have a great day!