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Vikings vs Chiefs - GMG In The Raw!

The Good Morning Gjallarhorn post game reaction show that is full of live emotion win or lose, but especially after a tough loss like against the Chiefs

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Vikings vs Chiefs… Good morning Horners! Well, at least it is morning. First off, congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs for pulling out the game. For fans that aren’t as dedicated to following this team intently as some, this was entertaining with all the lead changes, for the more die hard fan, this game was pull your hair out ugly! Your Minnesota Vikings did not do enough consistently to win on a day where Kirk Cousins threw for only 50%, Stefon Diggs only caught 1 pass, Dalvin Cook’s longest run was only 12 yards, the offensive line, at least parts of it, got manhandled, the defense gave up drives, Trae Waynes was picked on, Dan Bailey misses an extra point wide left, and Britton Colquitt shanks a 27 yard punt at the end because Mike Zimmer didn’t want to kick to Tyreek Hill. Was there just one thing you could really blame for the loss, or was this an all around total system failure that the Vikings still could have won for most of the game? How does it look going into the future and the Vikings chances to win the division, or at least make the playoffs?

Did anyone ever think that Laquon Treadwell would have the most receiving yards today? With Adam Thielen re-aggravating his hamstring injury, Treadwell was on the field often as the third wide receiver behind Diggs and Bisi Johnson. The play calling featuring him versus Irv Smith Jr more, still makes you scratch your head. Treadwell had 3 catches, Smith 4, and Johnson and Diggs only 1 a piece?! What’s going on here? Cousins did throw 3 TD passes today and had no turnovers, but most throws were short check downs as illustrated by C.J. Ham getting two. Has anyone picked up on that if Cousins hits his first deep pass of the game, we get good Kirk, and if he misses, like today, we get bad Kirk who reverts to his check downs and as reported leaves receivers wide open elsewhere?

Matt Moore made plays against the Zimmer defense today. The bend but not break D looked broken at times. The pass rush got better and better, but with safeties having to play cover over Waynes and Xavier Rhodes, shutting down a good team like in 2017, just doesn’t look to be there anymore. On a day when most things needed to go right, there were just so many that didn’t in all phases of the game that led to the loss. Oh, the life of being a Vikings fan.

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs
Trae Waynes was picked on by the Andy Reid led offensive game plan, and the Vikings couldn’t stop it.
Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

We hope you have a good week and look forward to Dallas next Sunday night. GO VIKINGS!

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