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Hey Purple Fans!

ABG here, and i have a favor to ask...

FRACK... 90% of the people that clicked on this link just SMASHED the back arrow. (sigh) i really need to work on my marketing skills.

Anywho... if you have been around the DN for a while, you might know that i have been a respected celebrated tolerated well known um... somewhat acknowledged member of the Norseman community around these parts for more than a decade.

Last year YOU ALL HELPED make the jump in in the South Metro area of Minneapolis something really special as (thanks to many from the DN) together we raised over $1500 for Special Olympics MN. (as Chris pointed out last year right here)

On February 1st of 2020...

I am planning on doing something that will show a spectacular lack of good judgment as I will be jumping into a frozen lake way UP NORTH in Otter Tail County MN to help raise even more $$$ for Special Olympics.

To be clear... this is a BRAND NEW JUMP LOCATION.

The Special Olympics rarely takes the risk on a new location... and i personally went out on a limb to help convince them that people in greater MN would come out in mass and jump into Otter Tail Lake during the #OTConICE event on Feb 1st (Superb Owl weekend).

We really have only one chance to make the goal of $40k... or we will not be given the opportunity of jumping here again.

In order for me to pull this off, i'm really gonna need your help.


Last Year... the Daily Norseman faithful were ABSOLUTELY INSTRUMENTAL in getting us over the threshold to our goal of one thousand dollars raised.

In fact...


This year, if you help me get to $1000.00... I promise to post a video of my jump and you can enjoy watching me freeze my #$$ OFF!

We WOULD ALSO LOVE to see a few DN teams formed to come jump with us!!!!

Note: If you decide to sign up, you personally need to raise $75 in donations to jump... and to truly be successful, we need to have at least 300 new jumpers




CLICK HERE TO JOIN ABG's Team and start raising $$$ for Special Olympics Minnesota:

Thanks folks. I appreciate you!

Holler in the comments if you have questions. Thanks again. SKOL!

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